Dragonsouls affection potions

Created: 2023-02-22 12:02:27 as bug by Idrinth

Modified: 2023-02-23 16:59:01

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  • Idrinth

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Project: Idrinth's Tweaks - Dragon Souls

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Dude, your mod also enhances the effects of potions. That makes the enchanting and blacksmithing elixirs a bit overpowered, and it's also illogical. Dragon souls should only affect the inner abilities of the Dragonborn, not the strength of external items. I really wish you would fix this because your mod is otherwise excellent, especially when combined with Dragonborn Ascendant. It makes those dragon souls actually mean something other than unlocking shouts. Here's a suggestion: instead of the souls increasing your spell magnitude (which I'm sure is the culprit behind the unwanted potions buff), how about they just increase the Fire/Frost Breath shouts magnitude by 1% per soul. Even with Dragonborn Ascendant that wouldn't make the shouts overpowered, if playing on legendary, that is.