New version with more (de)buffs

Created: 2022-04-12 21:42:17 as feature by KhTum

Modified: 2023-02-19 09:04:29

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Project: Idrinth's Tweaks - Weight and Height

What do you think about more passive combat effects ? Like a 2.5% and a 5% movement speed increase for medium light and light, respectively. Heavy and medium heavy could be harder to stagger. Really really great idea btw, thank you for making this. Medium could also get small, passive, outside of combat buffs for staying healthy and balanced, like a faster health regen outside of combat, or maybe they could learn all skills 5% faster due to them being balanced enough to do pretty much anything.

Also, is the supposed to notify me about my weight every time i sleep ? because i feel like it's kinda unnecessary and annoying honestly. But all things considered, this is a really great mod, thank you.